Owner IP & Owner Sponsored Guest Program

LCDS Owners:


In addition to the IP weeks allowed in the owners deeded contract, all un-reserved weeks would be available to any owner regardless of the IP week limitations stated in their deed. Owners wanting to reserve IP weeks who have already met the IP week limitations of their deed would not be able to make a reservation until 29 days from the reservation date, allowing owners who have not used an IP allowed in their deed first access to any available units.


Example: Your deeded contract allows four IP weeks per year, one used in each quarter of the year. You can call the office and make the reservation thirty days from the date you wish to book your IP week. These rules still apply and have not changed for the IP weeks included in your deeded contract. You will now be able to call 29 days from the date you wish to book and reserve any units still available for reservation, regardless of the limitations of your deeded contract. If a unit is available at any time inside the normal 30 day window for reservation, you can reserve it. 


The fee structure for all IP weeks used by owners, including the expanded use of IP weeks has not changed. All existing rules for early cancellation and "no-show" still pertain to all IP weeks scheduled.



LCDS Owner Sponsored Guests:


The limitation on use of the resort through your ownership has been changed dramatically. Family members other than children, parents and grandparents, as well as friends, will be allowed to use the resort as LCDS Owner Sponsored Guests. Under this new program, non-owners and additional family members of owners would be allowed to use an owner’s IP, or any un-reserved week with the understanding the owner is financially responsible for any damages, payments and fines levied by the LCDS Board for the actions of the sponsored party. Owner sponsored IP weeks would not be available for reservation until 29 days from the reservation date, allowing owners who have not used an IP allowed in their deed first access to any available units. The owner sponsor must complete and submit the Financial Responsibility Form to the accounting office.


Owner Sponsored IP Rate: (One Bedroom Only)


November - February: $250.00 

March - April: $350.00

May - August: $450.00

September - October: $400.00



Winter Texan Program:


The Winter Texan program is effective each year beginning on the first Friday of November and ends the first Friday of March. Available units can be reserved by the week or month. This program is available to both owners and non-owners. Non-owner use requires a signed Rental Agreement, $250.00 security deposit . 


Winter Texan Rates:



Weekly: $250.00

Monthly: $1100.00


Owner Sponsored IP:

Weekly: $250.00

Monthly: $1100.00



Weekly: $300 + $250.00 Refundable Security Deposit

Monthly: $1145.00 + $250.00 Refundable Security Deposit 

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