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Hurricane Harvey Damage Report


***SPECIAL NOTICE - 8/29/17***


The resort will be closed for repairs from 8/27  - 9/7/2017. A decision on the week of 9/8 - 9/15 will be made at a later date as repairs are completed. You can read the complete statement from Jim Vannatta - La Casa Board President - below.

To All Owners and Guests,


As most of you know, the Corpus Christi area was hit at the beginning of last weekend by Category 4 Hurricane Harvey. La Casa del Sol suffered damage from the storm. The damage ranges from substantial to minor. I have been onsite since Sunday along with Carrie Gandy and staff. During that time we have suffered power loss and a lot of additional rain. I know many of you have seen the pictures and comments about the condition of the resort on the website. As cleanup and assessment progresses, we continue to discover damage inside and out, malfunctioning equipment and physical and electrical hazards. Insurance claims were filed on Monday but we have not yet been contacted by the insurance adjusters assigned to our claims. That should happen within the next 24 hours. With serious deliberation your Board of Directors has made the decision that for safety concerns, the resort will remain closed through September 7, 2017. A decision will be made next week concerning reopening on September 8. I know this is a big disappointment for those who were scheduled to check in this Friday, September 1. Hopefully this will give you enough notice to at least make alternate plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend and the following week.




Jim Vannatta

President, Board of Directors

La Casa del Sol






Intial Assessment - 8/28/17

Damage Report:  7:00 AM CST -  8/28

  • The fishing pier, sundeck and boat dock areas have been severely damaged.

  • Unit 107 has sustained water damage. Severity is undetermined at present.

  • There is wet carpeting in some of the units checked so far. This is wind blown rain that penetrated through windows and front doors.

  • The hot tub has been damaged and is inoperable.

  • As you might imagine, there is severe damage to the breezeway and waterfront landscaping.

Staff and Board members made it to the resort Sunday afternoon (8/27) to assess the damage. A more thorough assessment of the units will be done today (8/28). This page will be updated regularly, so please check back here before calling the Cresson reservations office. Please do not call the resort office for information as all staff are working around the resort and in units.

Update - 8/29/17

Damage Report:  7:00 AM CST -  8/29

**It has been decided the resort will be closed for the upcoming 9/1/17 - 9/8/17 week. All guests who have reservations for that week will be notified of the closure.**

The cleanup process continues at the resort. The pictures below show the before and after results. In addition to the obvious damage confirmed previously, further assessment has revealed the additional problems listed below.

  • The gas grills are inoperable due to saltwater damage and will most likely require replacement.

  • The pool is being drained and extensive cleaning will be required.

  • One storage building has been lost.

  • A total of nine units have either no power or no AC.





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