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   For a limited time, the La Casa Del Sol Board of Directors has approved a temporary waiver of the $250.00 Transfer Fee paid when transferring any of the 350+ units owned by the LCDS Council of Co-Owners. This waiver is for the transfer of *LCDS owned units only* and does not include seasonal upgrade transfers or units deeded to, or in the possesion of, current owners who may wish to transfer their deeded unit(s) to others. This limited time offer expires at midnight on 12/31/15. La Casa Del Sol will handle all legal transfer and filing with Nueces County, Texas free of charge to the owner.


                     **The transfer of any unit(s) during the waiver period include your yearly dues for 2016**


   New and existing owners who take advantage of this special offer will be allowed to enjoy the resort during the remainder of 2015. Any deeded or IP weeks used during 2015 will be deducted from eligible 2016 weeks.


   La Casa Del Sol is a fractional ownership facility. Ownership of any unit is a legally binding agreement requiring yearly dues and said ownership is subject to all rules, regulations and bylaws as established by the LCDS Board of Directors.


Rules & Regulations (Effective 9/29/15)


LCDS Bylaws






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