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    2023 Annual Owner Meeting



The Annual Owners Meeting for 2023 was held at the Comfort Suites in Arlington, TX. on 2/25/23. The election results for the two open Director positions are below. The minutes from the 2022 Owners Meeting held at the same location in February of 2022 were approved and can be downloaded or viewed here.



2023 Annual Owners Meeting Election Results:



Board of Directors:

Jim Vannatta- Elected to 3rd term as Director

Caren Lee- Elected to 1st term as Director



New Resort Manager


The LCDS Board of Directors is pleased to announce the hiring of Kevin Biggi as resort manager, effective 10/10/22. Mr. Biggi brings  a new management style, fresh ideas and a new enthusiasm toward the management of our resort. We look forward to working with him.

New IP Rules For Owners, Owners Families & Guests


Effective 5/1/2016, the rules for use and access of Interval Plus (IP) weeks have changed. After careful consideration by the LCDS Board of Directors and helpful input from our owners, the following IP week rules apply to all owners regardless of your deeded contract limitations. Details



REMINDER:  The unit/week you own is real property.  When an owner dies or is divorced the deed needs to be updated!  We have owners that need to update their deeds to reflect the life changes that have occurred. 

   If the property was in the parents name and one or both is deceased the will(s)  need to be probated and the deed changed by an attorney.

   If the property is awarded to you in a divorce settlement the attorney(s) will need to update the deed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 817-396-4676.


  • Effective immediately, as approved by the Board, complimentary coffee and filter will be provided for the first day of a visit.

  • Please be aware that we have hair dryers, irons and ironing boards, mixers, blenders, movies, games and many other items for loan. Just ask the manager about these and other items for loan.

  • OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY:  Please help us by following the occupancy limits of your unit: (i.e.: one bedroom 4 maximum, two bedroom a maximum of 6)  This is posted on your reservation confirmation and in the Rules and Regulation among other places, including this website.  Remember, you are responsible for all your guests or family members using your timeshare.  They MUST leave the unit in good condition to insure being welcome to return.


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