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Pets, Service & Comfort Animal Policy

Effective 8/2020

Pets are not allowed anywhere on resort property at any time, including short term visits.This includes inside any vehicle, trailer or carrier in the parking lot.


  • If you have a pet at check in or any time during your stay, you will be asked to board the pet someplace other than La Casa del Sol. If you refuse, you must vacate the property immediately.

  • If there is any evidence that you have or have had a pet in your unit which the on-site management was or was not aware of, you will be charged a "Pet Fee". This fee is established by the Board of Directors. The "Pet Fee" is currently $100.00 per day. (Current Fees)

  • Service Animals that meet the requirements of Texas law and the ADA are permitted at La Casa Del Sol.

  • An animal that provides only comfort or emotional support is not considered a service animal per ADA regulations and definitions and have special requirements to be permitted at La Casa Del Sol. Fraudulent misrepresentation of an animal as a trained service animal will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

  • Please submit the proper paperwork to the reservations office at the time the reservation is made if you will have a Service Animal at the resort during your reserved stay.

  • As per Texas law and the ADA, all Service Animals must be leashed at all times while outside the owner's or guest's unit.

  • Service Animals which are otherwise qualified to assist persons with disabilities may be removed if either: (1) the animal is out of control and their handler does not take effective action to control it; or (2) the animal is not housebroken. Cleanliness of the Service Animal is mandatory.

  • Consideration of others must be taken into account when providing maintenance and hygiene of Service Animals. The owner/trainer is expected to remove and properly dispose of all animal waste attributed to their service animal.

  • The owner or trainer of the Service Animal is financially responsible for any damage caused by or extra cleaning required due to the presence of the service animal.

     *Revised 8/2020

Pet Boarding

Animal Hospital of Padre Island.png

Need pet boarding while visiting the resort? President Jim Vannata toured The Animal Hospital of Padre Island in 2018 and came away quite impressed. They are a full veterinary clinic as well as dog and cat boarding facility. You can pickup your pet as early as 7AM and return them as late as 6PM daily, and they offer military, veteran and senior citizen discounts. Contact them directly at (361) 949-8200 for more information, rates and reservations.

We're always looking for other great pet boarding facilities for our owners and guests with pets. If you have had a great pet boarding experience you would like to share, please forward the information to the website administrator and we'll get it posted.

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