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La Casa del Sol Ownership


This page is designed to answer questions about what your ownership in La Casa del Sol entitles you to, the "ins & outs" of our reservation system, and other general information about LCDS ownership.




Owner:  A person or persons who own at least one deeded week at La Casa del Sol.


Deeded Week: The week and unit that is guaranteed in your deed.


Unit: The apartments at La Casa del Sol are commonly referred to as units. Owning a unit is the contractual ownership of a one week stay in one particular apartment at La Casa del Sol. The week and unit are the same every year.


Float Week: Owners who wish to use their deeded week at a time other than their guaranteed week can "float" the week and try to re-schedule for a different time of year. A more detailed explanation of floating weeks and how they can be utilized is given below.


Interval Plus Week (IP): Interval Plus (IP) weeks are additional weeks the owner can stay at the resort on an unit availability basis. The owner can stay one additional week in each of the two six month periods of the year. The cost of IP weeks is currently $300.00 per week for a one bedroom and $400.00 per week for a two bedroom.


Maintenance Fee:  Owners pay a yearly maintenance fee to the LCDS Council of Co-Owners to maintain and operate the resort. The fees are due in January and are currently $800.00 for a one bedroom and $950.00 for a two bedroom.



Common Questions:




What is La Casa del Sol?


La Casa del Sol is a small, family friendly resort complex consisting of 23 apartment units, pool, fishing pier, sun deck and many other amenities. We are a non profit 503C organization owned and governed by our individual member owners. 


What is "ownership" at La Casa del Sol?


An LCDS owner is a person or persons who have legal title of a Deeded Interval Unit (aka Deeded Week). All LCDS owners are members of the La Casa del Sol Council of Co-Owners. 


What is the cost to transfer (buy) in?


The initial cost to transfer ownership of our apartment units is $1050.00 - $1200.00, which includes a one time transfer fee of $250.00. After the initial transfer fee the owner pays only the yearly maintenance fee, currently $800.00 for a one bedroom unit and $950.00 for a two bedroom unit. Maintenance fees are paid in January of each year.


What does my ownership include?


Your ownership includes one deeded week per year at the resort that is guaranteed, and the option of two additional IP weeks per year upon availability. 


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