Fees Structure: 2019


Annual Maintenance Fees:


One Bedroom - $625.00

Two Bedroom - $750.00


Interval Plus Week:


One Bedroom - $250.00

Two Bedroom - $350.00


Season Upgrade Fee:


Seasonal Upgrade - $150.00 (Upgrading a white or blue week to a red week)



Room Upgrade Fee:


Room Upgrade (Upgrading from a one bedroom to a two bedroom) - $175.00


Owner Bonus Time:


1 Bedroom – LCDS Owner: $85 per night or $425 for a week.

                        Non-Owners: $130 per night, with no discounted weekly rate.


2 Bedroom – LCDS Owner: $100 per night or $500 for a week.

                        Non-Owners: $175 per night, with no discounted weekly rate.


Owner Sponsored IP Guest:


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Transfer of Ownership:


Ownership Transfer (Any transfer of unit ownership) - $250.00


Late Cancellation Fee:


Late Cancellation Fee (Reservation cancelled inside two weeks of reservation date) - $50.00


"No Show" Fee:


No Show Fee (Failure to show up for the week reserved without cancelling the reservation. Reservations cancelled inside two weeks of reservation date may incur a Late Cancellation Fee) - $50.00


Late Checkout Fee:


Late Checkout Fee (Checkout after 10AM on the Friday of departure) - $50.00 Per Hour


"Over Stay" Penalty Fee:


"Over Stay" Penalty Fee: (Guests who stay additional days past the reserved week without LCDS permission) - $200.00 per  day plus the cost of displacement of the next week's reservation in a local hotel if necessary.


Over Occupancy Fee:


Over Occupancy Fee: (Having more than the allowed occupants in a unit overnight) - $100.00 Per Day Per Person. Guests will be required to immediately comply with occupancy limits or will be required to immediately vacate the property.


Lost Key Fee:


Lost Key Fee (Two keys are issued at check-in) - $25.00

Cleaning Fee:

A cleaning fee of $50.00 - $150.00 may be assessed if guests do not adhere to proper checkout procedures as stated in the LCDS Rules & Regulations.


Pet Fee:


Pet Fee: (Except for Service Animals, no pets are allowed on the property at any time) - $100.00 Per Day Per Pet. Guests will be required to immediately comply with the pet policy or will be required to immediately vacate the property. Pets are not allowed to remain in the parking lot or in vehicles parked in the parking lot. *LCDS does not allow "Support Animals" - Service & Support Animal Policy*


Smoking Fee:


Smoking Fee: (No smoking inside the units or office is allowed) - $250.00 Per Day 

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