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Comfort Animal Requirements

La Casa del Sol has special requirements for bringing a comfort or support animal to the resort. The following information must be supplied to the reservations office at the time the reservation is made to ensure adequate time for verification purposes.

  • A letter or statement from the prescribing Doctor or professional who prescribed the use of the comfort animal that states clearly:

    • What purpose/service the comfort animal supplies or performs.

    • The letter must state the person/patients name.

    • Must have the complete address and contact information of the prescribing professional

    • Be dated less than one months prior

    • Be printed on the letterhead of the prescribing professional or professional group.

  • The prescribing professional or professional group must be within reasonable driving distance of the person/patient's living address.

  • The prescribing professional will be contacted for verification. If the prescribing professional cannot be contacted, or fails to return messages from LCDS or will not verify the professional and patient relationship for any reason, the comfort animal will not be allowed access to the resort.

While at the resort, the registered guest is solely responsible for the actions and behavior of the comfort animal. The registered guest is responsible for any damages caused by the comfort animal. La Casa del Sol is a pet free resort, and as such, no place is provided for animal urination and defecation. All comfort animals must be taken off premises for these purposes. It is highly recommended you review our Service & Comfort animal section of the LCDS Rules & Regulations.

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